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Sea Activities


Scuba diving


Marine fauna is extremely rich in biodiversity, for tourists it is a phenomenal experience!
Turtles inhabit the waters of this archipelago and use their beaches to breed. Ecotourism, turtle watching and local efforts are very important for the preservation of different species.
In the waters of the São Tomé and Principe archipelago, we find turtles, multicolored fish, corals and a wide variety of cetaceans such as dolphins, whales, orcas and sperm whales.
Its richness in fish, crustaceans and corals attracts diving, snorkeling and fishing biologists.
The dive centers are fully equipped and professionally supervised and offer safety to European standards.

1. Scuba diving and snorkeling.
Would you like to get started in scuba diving and snorkeling?
Immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters of Sao Tome and discover a world of fascinating and multi-colored ...
The prime location on the Greenwich Meridian of the São Tomé and Principe archipelago offers ideal visibility and temperature conditions that allow diving for most of the year.
Accompanied by a qualified instructor trained in this area, you can immerse yourself in the crystal clear turquoise waters of the city of Santana. The waters around Santana city allow you to dive and surf.
The Dive Center offers packages suitable for different levels of experience, from beginners to professionals.
The reefs consist largely of hard coral, offering the diver a wonderful spectacle.
The perfect months for diving and snorkeling are from December to May.
In the rainy season, namely February and March, sometimes the sea is rough, a little more than usual, because the heavy rains caused a stir in the sea. but the diving can still be good.
In June and July, the sea is calmer compared to February and March. The sunniest period runs from November to March.
If you have no experience, you will do the first scuba or snorkeling exercises with a monitor that will explain you step by step, all you need before accompanying you individually.


children only from 8 years old.
NB: Some classes may change depending on weather conditions.

Water and air temperature
Best time to dive: December to May




Pack 1: 1 Dive 55€/ Person

Pack 2: 2 Dips 100 €/ Person

Pack 3: 4 Dips 190 €/ Person

Pack 4: 6 Dips 270€/ Person

Pack 5: 10 Dips 420 €/ Person


It's included:
• Monitor
• Custom coaching session
• Complete diving equipment for adults and children
• Boat Transport
• Bottle of water

• Transportation (5 seats) 15 € / Vehicle
• Meal 20 € / Person

Does not include:
• Diving fact
• Drinks to / during meal
• Gratifications


Children: from 8 years.



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Sea activities : Diving

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