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Hiking / Trekking


Nature Trekking
For sportsmen and nature lovers
Welcome to the adventure of nature walks. Here you will perhaps surpass yourself.
Your walks will be accompanied by a trekking guide specialized in this field.
Discover the fauna and flora, observe the endemic species, visit the historical sites, all packed with the rhythm of nature.


* Excursion 1. City walk

* Excursion 2. Hiking - St. Nicholas Waterfall

* Excursion 3. Amelia Lagoon Walk

* Excursion 4. Roça Bombay Walk

* Excursion 5. São Miguel Walk

* Excursion 6. 7 Tunnels and Angolar Waterfall Walk

* Excursion 7. Coffee Plantations Walk

* Excursion 8. Cocoa Plantations Walk


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