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São Tomé and Principe has a hot and humid equatorial type climate. The temperature varies little throughout the year, with a low of around 15 ° C and a maximum of 32 ° C. The average annual temperature varies between 21 ° C and 29 ° C.

São Tomé and Principe has a multiplicity of microclimates defined according to rainfall, temperature and location / relief.

There are two seasons in the year:

- Rainy season (October to May), when it gets hotter and rains more. The sea temperature is around 30 ° C.

- Gravana season (June to September), when the weather is drier, with less rainfall, less heat and less humidity. At this time the sea temperature drops slightly, around 24 ° C.

In short, seawater temperatures range from 30 ° C in January to 24 ° C in July and August.

The best time to visit São Tomé and Principe, given the weather, is the time of gravana where there is less humidity and less insects, although the sky is more gray and cloudy. At this time you can also watch the whales.

For photography lovers, the best season will be the rainy season, with excellent sun exposure, when the Light and Contrasts are magnificent, and the sky (if it isn't raining) is Blue!

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