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Fauna and Flora

São Tomé and Principe has two large areas of environmental protection - one part on the island of São Tomé with an area of ​​235 km2, and another part on the island of Príncipe with 85 km2.

The Ôbo National Park covers 30% of São Tomé Island. It was created in 2006 with the aim of conserving the dense tropical forest.

Príncipe Natural Park corresponds to 50% of Príncipe Island.

In addition to these two parks we also have the Ilhéu das Rola Nature Reserve and the Pedras Tinhosas Ilhéu.

Sao Tome and Principe has a rich fauna and flora with many endemic species, due to the isolation of the islands.

This archipelago is one of the smallest countries in the world, but it is also one of the richest in both biodiversity and species.



In addition to native species, the São Tomé and Principe archipelago also has some species imported from various regions. Terrestrial mammals have almost all been introduced by humans over the past five hundred years: monkeys, cats, feral pigs, the "lagaia" (small fox-like feline), the latter with the aim of combating rodents that destroyed crops.

This archipelago is considered one of the best Bird Observatories in the world. It is a paradise for those interested in the diversity and exclusivity of its species, with more than 65 bird species, of which 25 are endemic and rare species.

Regarding reptiles, there are 16 species of which 7 are endemic.

One of the species targeted by scientific studies and protection and conservation measures is bats, due to their strong endemism.

In the archipelago of São Tomé and Principe, the island of Prince has a parrot as its symbol. Only on Prince Island can we find the parrot “African Gray” - species name. This parrot resides only on this island.

On Prince's Island, in the late afternoon, we can watch a sight-and-hear show produced by the parrots with their gray wings splattered by the bright red of their tails and their screams as they return to the forest. , to the north, invading the skies of the city of Santo António, capital of Prince Island.

Marine fauna is extremely rich in biodiversity. For the tourist it is phenomenal!

Turtles live in the waters of this archipelago and use their beaches for breeding. Ecotourism, Turtle Watching and local efforts are very important for the preservation of the various species.

In these waters we can find a wide variety of cetaceans such as dolphins, whales, orcas and sperm whales. Its wealth of fish, shellfish and coral attracts diving, snorkeling and fishing biologists.

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