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Fauna and Flora

São Tomé and Principe has two large areas of environmental protection - one part on the island of São Tomé with an area of ​​235 km2, and another part on the island of Príncipe with 85 km2.

The Ôbo National Park covers 30% of São Tomé Island. It was created in 2006 with the aim of conserving the dense tropical forest.

Príncipe Natural Park corresponds to 50% of Príncipe Island.

In addition to these two parks we also have the Ilhéu das Rola Nature Reserve and the Pedras Tinhosas Ilhéu.

São Tomé and Principe has a rich fauna and flora with many endemic species, due to the isolation of the islands.

This archipelago is one of the smallest countries in the world, but it is also one of the richest in both biodiversity and species.



There is a great diversity of endemic plant species, which exist nowhere else in the world and are world famous. Its natural richness or biodiversity is so unique that it is a fascination for researchers around the world. In São Tomé and Principe there are over 850 species of plants, of which about 140 are endemic.

The Bom Sucesso Botanical Garden, the gateway to the Ôbo Natural Park, has a herbarium with over 1000 plant samples, including endemic species.

Regarding the flowers, these islands have very interesting varieties that attract the attention of the visitor, the most admired are: porcelain rose, red-orange rose, parrot's beaks and giant begonia.

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