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An invaluable invitation to visit two wonderful islands, situated on the equator!
A true paradise of 1001 km2 awaits you!

The volcanic archipelago of São Tomé and Principe consists of two main islands, São Tomé Island, Príncipe Island and several adjacent islets, including Rolas, Goats and Tinhosas Pedras.

There are no active volcanoes and it is the smallest country in Africa.

The two main islands are 145 km apart, with Principe Island 150 km north of Sao Tome.

This archipelago is located in Guinean Golf, and its territory has a total area of 1001km2 (São Tomé Island is 859 km2 and Principe Island is 142 km2).

Its relief is very mountainous, being Pico de São Tomé the highest point in the country with its 2024 m high.

This small country is crossed by the equator line at Ilhéu das Rolas, south of São Tomé Island.

Latitude - 0 °, 20'11N

Longitude - 6 °, 43'38E



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