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Prince Island Tour - Enchanted and Enchanting Island


An enchanted and enchanting Island ... a Paradise ...

Here we have an enchanted and enchanting island.

It is the first UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve in the Saint-Tomense Archipelago, and has become the first African reserve to be part of the worldwide biosphere and coastal network - living proof that the relationship between man and nature is sustainable.

Principe Island is located northeast of São Tomé Island, about 140 km away, in the Gulf of Guinea. Of volcanic origin, with dense vegetation and an equatorial climate, this island is very rugged, reaching 948 meters at Pico do Príncipe, located in the south of the island and part of the Ôbo Natural Park.

The interior of the island consists of a dense tropical forest with a very diverse vegetation. The island is also a wildlife sanctuary where many rare species of animals (especially birds) can be observed.


On the first day:

Roça Sundy, where you can see the preserved manor house and the place where, in 1919, astronomer Sir Arthur Eddington proved Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity. You can also see stables still standing, old locomotives and participate in a wheel of Puíta, where dance and drumming almost trance;

Roça São Joaquim overlooking the João Dias Pai and João Dias Filho peaks and a beautiful sunset;

Roça Porto Real, where you can see the old roça hospital (which operated for 20 years) and which today almost disappeared swallowed by the flower

On the second day following south:

New Star Viewpoint, where you can see the Cap de Joquei (an outcrop with this shape);

Roça do Terreiro Velho, which is the only one on the island where there is cocoa production. It is from this farm that comes cocoa to produce the tasty and wonderful chocolates of Claudio Coralloe and from here you can enjoy one of the most beautiful landscapes of the island;

Abade fishing community, where you can eat fried fish and fried bananas (on borrowed dishes, without cutlery and on the beach, return the dishes and pay what you want);

Roça Abade, with a fantastic view and where someone is always weaving mats and teaching this art;

Santo António City - the smallest city in the world, which has a market with 10 stalls;

Government's palace.

On the third day:

Patience Farm, where you can see the cocoa, vanilla and coffee plantation;

Burra Beach which has one of the largest fishing communities of Prince Island;

Belo Monte Roça - an old farm that has been completely restored and converted into a hotel. From here you can see the turquoise sea and the sublime vegetation - an unforgettable landscape;

Banana Beach, considered the most beautiful of the island of Principe, due to its white sand and transparent waters;

Praia Grande, the largest on the island but always deserted;

Boi Beach, which has a special aurea and color, beautiful ...

On this island you can dive day and night in the middle of fluorescent fish, but you have to know in advance, as there is no diving school on Prince Island.



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Prince Island Tour: Enchanted and Enchanting Island


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