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Cacautour'STP: Travel to São Tomé!

... your trip Excursion to São Tomé and Príncipe!

... your car rent in São Tomé and Príncipe!

Travel to "Chocolate Island" ...


Our Offers:

- Boat Tours

- Diving

- Surf

- Land Excursions: 4 x 4

- Hiking / Trekking

- Car Rental

- Accommodation


Sea Activities

Board a boat and discover the Paradise islets and dive in the warm waters of São Tomé and Príncipe

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Hiking for sports people and nature lovers. Here you will surpass yourself.


An invaluable invitation to visit two wonderful islands, situated on the equator! A true Paradise of 1001 km2 awaits you!


A little of history






Car Rental

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With us you will discover the 6 wonders that make São Tome and Príncipe a paradise on earth!
If you want to rest, “exile” from stress, rest without feeling the time and “disconnect from busy life”, then come to São Tomé and Principe. Enjoy and combine relaxation with the discovery of an enchanting island.
São Tomé and Principe is the feel of deserted beaches, the magic of forests, the song of birds, the welcoming sweetness of its people and all the memories of the ancient coffee and cocoa fields.
In São Tomé and Principe the words TEMPO and STRESS lose their meaning, being in a state of lightness and “light-light” well-being!

People - warm, genuine and fantastic.

Roças - imagine yourself “back in time” and relive the time of Coffee and Cocoa Roças by visiting the majestic Portuguese architecture, which reveals a glorious past in a duality of feelings. They are now ruined cities emerging from the middle of the jungle, and as someone once said, as "a monster rising from the past."

Nature - dense forests, fertile green soil, green-laden biodiversity, chlorophyll and the smell of the earth.


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