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Wonders of Sao Tome ...

... the 6 wonders!






The 6 wonders of São Tomé and Principe:

1. The still deserted beaches of tourists, where you find a quiet and peaceful place. Bathe on a deserted beach “just for you”…

2. The warm sea you get in and don't feel like going out…

3. His people, of an unparalleled nature in friendliness, cordiality, kindness, simplicity ...

4. The gardens and Portuguese architecture of a splendid past…

5. Depending on the time of year observe the Gray Shining Dolphins and Whales and watch the turtle spawning on Jalé Beach…

6. Smell the earth and the wood-burning kitchen.


Some places-places to visit and / or activities you can do:

Roça Rio do Ouro, now Roça Agostinho Neto;

Roça Saudade - where he was born on April 7, 1893 Almada Negreiros, a multidisciplinary artist, who embraced the fine arts (drawing and painting) and writing (romance, poetry, dramaturgy). Here you will also find the Almada Negreiros restaurant whose balcony has a stunning view of the equatorial forest;

In some of the fields you can have lunch or even overnight;

Mézóchi - Resort in Trinidad;

São Tomé waterfalls and beaches, where you can take a bath and swim, namely in the Blue Lagoon, Banana Beach and Lagarto Beach waterfalls;

Big Dog Peak;

Step over the equator line - one foot in the northern hemisphere and one in the southern hemisphere.

In São Tomé Island we suggest 4 excursions - Northern Route, Southern Route, Center Route and City Tour.


maravilhas sao tome

maravilhas sao tome

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