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Economically, being an island country, the archipelago of São Tomé and Principe has virtually no industry.

Its economy is located in the primary sector, while the secondary sector is practically non-existent. This means that almost all processed products are imported, which makes everything very expensive. However the value of local currency, the fold (STD) is low.

Traveling to São Tomé and Principe does not mean that it is too expensive, given the supply available in the various sectors except the high season, the value of a trip (round trip) is very affordable.


In São Tomé and Principe you have to have cash to carry out any transaction such as shopping, sightseeing ..., there are no cash machines to make withdrawals with foreign cards.

ATMs (MB / ATM cash machines) only accept local bank cards. Therefore credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and others are only accepted in some **** / ***** Hotels.

In Principe, there is only one bank, and it is in the capital, in Santo Antônio.

Shops, supermarkets, and even shopping centers like CKDO, Intermar, Coconote, Colombo, Our Lady of Conception ... do not accept foreign credit cards.


A decent and simple meal in a modest traditional restaurant will not exceed 5 € / person, excluding drinks.

A meal in a more conventional restaurant will cost between 6 € and 12 € / person, excluding drinks.

A gourmet meal in a **** / ***** hotel will have to pay between 20 € and 35 € / person excluding drinks.


Accommodation: In the archipelago are affordable, it will depend on your budget. Average price for accommodation in São Tomé and Principe with breakfast included:

Cheap Hotel: Single room from 30 €

Double room from 50 €

Triple room or suite from 65 €

Mid-range hotel: Single room from 50 €

Double room (double) from 65 €

Triple room or suite from 80 €

Hotel **** / *****: Single room from 110 €

Double room (double) from 180 €

Triple room or suite from 250 €

A fee (tax) of 3 € per person / night is payable directly to the accommodation. This tax is never included in travel agency fees.

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