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The São Tomé and Principe archipelago is among the safest in the world.


The privileged location of the São Tomá and Principe archipelago, on the equator and in the Gulf of Guinea, makes it not in the hurricane or cyclone trajectory.

Risks of Terrorist Attacks and Political-Religious Conflicts:

So far not applicable to this archipelago, the risks of attacks and political-religious conflicts, are fortunately nonexistent.

The Santomean people are known and famous for their great hospitality, calm and friendliness. In this small archipelago most people know each other and the crime rate is extremely low and urban violence virtually nonexistent - unknown.

Unattended women and children can move around without significant fears and fears.

The daily life of the inhabitants of the São Tomé and Príncipe archipelago is marked by an extraordinary relaxed lifestyle where (light-light) tranquility reigns without stress and without nervousness.

For all this the tourist / traveler feels safe anywhere in the islands, whether in the poorest neighborhood, in the city, in the countryside, in the mountain forest and on the beaches.

Caution: In the forest there is a dangerous enemy ... the famous black snake, the only poisonous snake in the archipelago. For this reason it is forbidden to enter the forest area without being accompanied by a tourist guide.

With these features of safety, hospitality and sociability, this archipelago is an exceptional destination to enjoy a holiday in an environment of tranquility and relaxation and totally stress free.

Risk Zero does not exist. As such, a minimum of care and precautions is always advised, especially in the city of São Tomé (capital).

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